nailsbytosh asked: Hi. Love ur nails. I just started nails this yr & I start school monday. Ur nails def blew my mind tho. How did u ombre inside the fresh princess? Thats crazy! ur def an inspiration to practice. can you check out my nails & follow if u like? Thanks

Wow, I am super late with this response, but I haven’t checked my inbox in a few months : / Hell, I haven’t posted any nails in a few months… Anyhoo, if you’re still interested in knowing how I did the ombre, I first painted the shapes of the letters with a light green polish. Then, with a small, flat-ish brush, I dabbed a darker green that had been thinned out with clear polish. Lastly, I used black polish to outline the lettering. Hope that helps : ))) Oh, and I bet school is going well for you. I hope to be lucky enough to go one day : ) You def inspired me to start posting again.

sporadic-insights-deactivated20 asked: Holy Shit, you're NEW at nail art? Girl, you're an absolute artist!! This look right here: post/27925117213/inspired-by-miss-van-3-get-familiar-if-you you did it with only nail polish? That girl on the thumb my god! I have too many feelings for your work lol. You're so amazing! I'll never be on your level. Srsly, much love from Brazil xoxo

: )))))  Thank you!!! I am new at NAIL art, but not art altogether. I used to sketch cartoons all the time as a kid… Now I’m painting them onto my fingertips. Some things never change I guess…

Same set,  different angle : )

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hand-painted fishnet baby!
Facebook : Round the Way Nails
Instagram: @rtwnique 
Pac-Man nails were requested on my Facebook page. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I created some drama…  No love for Pac-Man when he’s getting chased, but when he decides to man up, he get’s fed cherries! LOL! Get it? Aren’t I hilarious? Not really? Oh, okay. I’m alright with being the corny girl who has too much time on her hands…  BTW, yellow and black polish are a NIGHTMARE together. I kept trying to prevent that yucky greenish, muddy color from coming through; I was only semi-successful. Oh well, I’m still not giving into acrylic paint…


But as of recently, Sinful Colors has mass produced a pamphlet advertising their $0.99 cents sale this week with images that are not rightfully theirs. Which means, Sinful Color’s stole these images from bloggers. Not only did they steal the images and removed their watermarks, the images they…

'Round the Way Nails X Miss Van coming soon (with better pic quality of course) #nails #nailart #missvan (Taken with Instagram)
I’m such a copycat : P
One of my sci-fi movie buff Facebook followers requested Avatar nails. I think they came out great : ) 
After resizing and reuploading these pictures a million times, I think I’ve finally got it. Ladies and gents, say hello to Good Kitty and Badd Kitty : P
I liked my last HK set so much, I did another…
Morning Joe with Kitty

bunnywithglasses asked: hi! just wanted to say how beautiful your work is and since I'm going to take classes to learn nail art, do you have any advice for beginners?

Wow! Thank you!! I haven’t been doing nail art very long, but I can tell you that you will get better with each effort. I like to challenge myself by staying away from pens, stamps, decals, etc… Of course you don’t have to take that route, but your skills will develop a lot faster if you don’t take any shortcuts. Practice nail art with brushes and INEXPENSIVE polish (I stock up on Wet n Wild and LA Colors at my local Family Dollar) as often as you can and you will begin to see growth. If you don’t want to use your own hand as a canvas, sit your mom, sister, or your friends/neighbors down and give them weekly manis; this way, you will be able to try different techniques in a short amount of time. Oh, and don’t fret if your finished artwork looks a little different than you’d imagined; don’t count it as a fail…instead, think about what you won’t repeat next time. Trust me, you will learn something new every time you lay that brush down. Hope this helps : )